King Arthur Flours Announces Gluten Free Flours and Mixes

King Arthur Flours, long a favorite of gluten eaters, has announced a full line of gluten free flours and mixes.

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Just from the picture, I see a pizza crust mix, cookie mix, bread mix, brownie mix, pancake mix, muffin mix, and chocolate cake mix along with an all purpose flour mix.  It looks like it goes live on March 1st, 2010 so make sure and check it out.

This is an exciting release, be sure to support it by buying a few to try out!

P.S. It looks like the mixes are already listed in their store.  $6.95 each.

Gluten Free at Burger King

Burger King has released a Gluten Sensitivity list for it’s visitors.  It’s a nice PDF file that could be easily printed off and kept in a book with your other lists for when you visit BK.

You can get the list  here.

Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex Available

Honey Nut Chex GlutenFreeWe heard that a number of the Chex family of cereals were going to be going gluten free, but had yet to actually see any.
Aside from Rice Chex which have been GF for a while now.

As you can see, we finally found some of the Honey Nut Chex that are marked as Gluten Free. They were hiding behind some of the older boxes. Proof that Wal-mart rotates their stock at least.

Having picked them up, we had to give them a try and they are amazing. I hadn’t ever had the original non-gluten free marked boxed ones, so this was my first try of them. They are really quite good. They remind me a bit of frosted corn flakes.

If you happen to find yourself near a Wal-Mart, go and check out the cereal aisle. And don’t forget to check behind the other boxes too! We’ve also noticed that our Wal-Mart is carrying a number of other gluten free items that are just interspersed with the non-gf items in the store. The Wal-Mart generic brand is also very good about labeling their gf items as Gluten Free.

Delight, Gluten Free Magazine

There’s a new magazine on the block for those of us who have to eat Gluten Free (Or those that choose to).  It’s called Delight, Gluten Free.  From the looks of it, it’s going to be published quarterly with recipes and articles.  All for only $14.00 a year.

From the description on their website:

Check out this amazing new magazine! Delight gluten free is a fun food & lifestyle magazine for people with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance and food allergies. It hosts delicious gourmet recipes and easy semihomemade as well. Don’t miss the Gluten-Free Meals on a Budget either. Whatever your food allergy you should be able to find something that fits your household, in their February issue they offer gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, soy-free and even some rice-free recipes. Not only that, this magazine has a travel section coming in May that will host lots of fun ideas and good advice for when you venture out on the road. Personal stories, inspiring articles on Autism, Q & A with the Doc are among the other features of this magazine.

Sounds like a pretty good magazine to check out.  As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s hard to find good quality recipes and info.  But it’s getting better!  And magazines like Delight are a great resource for all you Celiacs out there.  You can subscribe by visiting the Delight Website: and then just click on the Subscribe Now link.  I’m going to.

ALERT! Lay’s BBQ No Longer Gluten Free

Lay’s BBQ flavored chips are no longer gluten free.  They changed the ingredients and added barley malt flour.  Give Lay’s a call and express your “distaste” for this change.

Click here for Lay’s Contact Information

This is a really good reminder that unless the package specifically says “Gluten Free”, you need to check the ingredients.

Celiac Week on CNN

This week (October 15-19) is Celiac week on CNN! Each morning, they’ll be broadcasting a different segment on Celiac disease and it’s causes, symptoms, and treatments.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday the 15th: What is Celiac Disease?

Tuesday the 16th: Non-Gastrointestinal Complications of Celiac Disease.

Wednesday the 17th: Gluten-Free School Lunches

Thursday the 18th: Hope with Celiac Disease

Friday the 19th: Gluten-Free dining in restaurants

I believe that CNN will be posting the segments online if you can’t/don’t catch them as they are broadcast.  You can do a search of their video for Celiac and find Monday’s “What is Celiac Disease“.   It’s a short two minute teaser, but good to see some press on the subject.  The full segment can be seen at CeliacCentral.

IHOP Omelettes are NOT Gluten Free!

Thanks to a listserv email, it has been confirmed that IHOP adds pancake batter to their eggs before making omelettes.   Because their pancake batter is not Gluten Free, neither are their omelettes.  Please be aware of this if you are dining at any restaurant and double check with your server.  You never know when they might be sneaking in something that contains gluten.

Gluten Free Medications list

A gluten free medlist has been compiled and updated by the Wheaton Celiac Support Group and can be downloaded at  Simply visit the site and click on the celiac link to get to the link to download the list.

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